Achieving and Living the Internet Lifestyle

internet-lifestyleInternet has changed the lives of many people worldwide. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the United States or in some 3rd world countries. If you can get access to the internet you can earn money online.

Although the western countries have been far ahead with respect to the online business and every other person seems to have a business online but these days even the developing countries are catching up by providing various services through their online portals.

There are many ways in which anyone can earn money online. The tough part is to decide which route you want to take while creating a sustainable income source from the online business. You can also decide whether you want to have a business or you want to work as an employee on contract basis.

The major plus point which draws so many people to desire an online business of some sort is the ability to create an income stream which works on autopilot and deposits money in their bank account 24/7.

Unlike physical businesses where your presence is required, the online business can be run throughout the day and year without your physical presence. In fact, you can take off after working for a while and your business will keep running and keep pumping in profits after profits on autopilot.

There are many people who also work on contract basis where they get paid for the work done. This of course, requires your physical presence and you are paid only when you do the work. But there are also some great business models which can be set up by anyone and worked on in their initial phases and they will keep earning commissions for many months to come without you having to touch that web property again.

If you are working on a contract basis you cannot take off without losing the income generated. But if you have a business model set up you can take even a year off after working towards building the foundation and the business will run itself without any problem. You are required to check on a few things occasionally but overall the business runs itself with hardly any of your involvement.

Any person who is looking for financial freedom or even a sustainable source of income online should consider this route. The idea is to settle upon a proven business model and create many web properties which work like assets and bring in income month after month on autopilot. The decision then is left to the person as to whether he/she wants to go for fewer web assets with greater income potential or more number of web properties with less income potential.

Your online income goals can also determine your approach towards the route you take. If you are residing in the highly developed western countries your lifestyle expenses may require you to have a higher online income goal. But most countries have a fairly inexpensive lifestyle expenses and people can meet their necessities with a lesser amount.

An example would be; if you are residing in the United States you may require a monthly income of at least $7500 to lead a comfortable lifestyle. But in countries like India a $1000 a month can make a person lead a very comfortable and also a luxurious lifestyle. Therefore, your online business income goals can also be determined by where you reside and what kind of lifestyle you choose to have.

Let us, for the time being, assume that you create a web property which generates income of just $500 a month on autopilot. Based on your lifestyle and also on your other desires you can create multiple web properties and achieve your income goal. Some people want to earn in millions who go on to create products and sell them for high profits. But most people are contented with an income which can make them lead a comfortable life along with their family’s necessities taken care of.

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The internet lifestyle also allows anyone to travel and explore the world unlike a physical business owner who has to be physically present in order to generate the revenue from his business. This freedom is what gets most of the people searching online for ways to make money and achieve their life time dreams of traveling or doing what they truly desire while their financial goals are taken care of.

There are many products out in the market which claim to have the holy-grail of making the internet lifestyle come true with just a click of a button. Any mature person will understand that riches cannot be attained without putting in some hard work in the beginning. Also, if the person does not realize the importance of creating an automated system then probably he will never attain the freedom which he desires.

But, the internet lifestyle is a reality where you can work from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and an internet connection. Nowadays even the smart phones are on par with laptops and you can carry your entire business on your smart phone. Regardless of how you choose to operate your business you can have this freedom of physical location which is never possible for the brick and mortar business.

In the initial phases of setting up your online business you can start with promoting other people’s products in return for a commission. This is one of the easiest ways to get started as it does not require any huge investments on your part. The product owner does all the work of creating the product and handling the sales and customers. He/she will pay you a good chunk of sale for referring that customer to him. In the later stages however, you may want to consider creating a product yourself so that you enjoy the opportunity which the product owner has.

There will be initial failures and your plans may not work at all. But this phase is crossed by all the people who have achieved the internet lifestyle. Yes, for some it was an overnight success where they realized the potential of an internet business but their financial success came over the months and years. They also had to continuously perfect their system by testing and tracking statistics of their campaigns. Therefore, giving up in the initial phases is not an option. Later, when you do see some results coming in you will not want to give up.

Some amount of motivation is required when the things are not working out as per plans. This is the most dangerous phase where many people give up thinking that this internet lifestyle is not meant for them and they are better off with their day jobs. But sticking to the tasks that you have decided and rewarding yourself for the completion of tasks will keep you going on the road to achieving and maintaining internet lifestyle.

Once achieved it is not enough to become complacent as the internet is a fast changing world. You have to keep yourself updated frequently with the new things emerging in the online world and understanding where money can be made. You have to figure out where your customers are hanging out or are spending time online and be visible to them and serve them when they want. If these basics are taken care of you can virtually guarantee yourself of creating a life of your dreams.