How To Have A Phenomenal Life Free of All Regrets

phenomenal-life-neeraj-kulkarniIt is said that when the person is breathing his last breath he is not so much regretful about the things which he did but for the things which he did not. There have been many instances where people have come to realize during their last hours that their life had been a series of regrets after regrets and they did not actually live it.

If you are young enough and reading this article you need to be grateful for the life that is ahead of you and make arrangements so that you live it completely with utmost gratitude for everything that comes your way.

I have experienced that no matter what things or experiences have come in my life in the past, whether good or bad, were there to teach me some life lesson. Although, I couldn’t figure out what good was there in the midst of that bad phase, I now realize that I learnt so much from it.

We can have a calm and composed approach even to the most terrible of disasters in our life if we just keep this thing in mind that there is something good hidden in it which we are not able to see for the time being. After some time when the storm passes and everything calms, we will be able to analyze and figure out what good came out of it.

Sometimes for many days or probably months your life is thrown out of gear as you figure out ways to adjust to this new phase in your life. But being grateful for whatever is going on well in your life during that time is a sure fire way to come out of the bad phase with flying colors.

Over-complicating Things In Life

Most of the times, we get caught up in the complicated stuff by over-analyzing our situations and blowing them out of proportions. Usually they are not so complicated and can be overcome if we just approach them with a calm and objective demeanor.

In the earlier decades when there was no internet and technology, people used to live a pretty comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle. Although there was not much with them they would live very happily. With the advent of internet and technological advancements people seem to have become more uncomfortable than comfortable.

People are constantly trying to showcase their good times spent by uploading their pictures on their Facebook or Instagram accounts. Other people who see these become depressed with their life as they cannot do this. But the people who keep uploading their pictures are more vulnerable than the ones who do not. They are constantly reminding themselves that life is full of struggles and these good times are a rare occurrence.

Nowadays, there is even Twitter where people can share what they are doing on a minute to minute basis. Seriously, who would want to do that? Moreover, is there really a necessity to share everything that’s going on in your life with everyone or even your close friends on your social media?

Thinking Into The Future and Tracing Your Steps Back To The Present

When you think yourself into the future you can visualize the most grandest of your desires coming true and you living the life of your dreams. Now, if you don’t do anything towards achieving that dream life you will have regrets for sure. Therefore, after visualizing those great scenes of your perfect life in the future, come back to the present moment and decide what is to be done to achieve that. What steps your future self has taken to be there?

Every mature individual understands that there is time involved in creating something which is worth creating. Also, there is a lot of hard work put behind bringing the idea into its physical reality. You can put your efforts or hire others and make use of their efforts, but there is lot of efforts involved in bringing something into its physical form.

When you perform this exercise of going into the future in your mind and experiencing your desire in full senses your mind’s genius part is activated and it starts searching for ways in which that vivid visualization can be brought into its being.

Using Your Own Sweet Brain In Achieving Your Desires

Our brain is a natural goal-seeking and goal-achieving machine. No matter what we do in life on a day to day basis there are always implicit goals which we achieve. Even if we do most of our daily routine automatically there are goals which we achieve.

No matter whether the person is conscious of setting goals and putting them into writing or whether he just makes them in his mind, his brain cannot live without setting goals and achieving. Even when there is zero productivity throughout the day, you sure do have goals which you have met. It doesn’t matter whether the goals which your mind set were unproductive but it sure did.

Now the question arises; how do we make use of this natural trait of our brain in propelling us towards our desired life? The answer is to make conscious use of another natural trait of our brain and help us achieve that which we want. This is the pleasure-seeking and pain-avoiding characteristic of our brain.

Our brain is an expert at seeking pleasure and doing those things which bring instant gratification and happiness. It avoids those things which it perceives to be painful and procrastinates them coming up with creative excuses.

We all know that there is some degree of pain involved when we are trying to achieve something significant in our lives. When something is beyond our comfort zone it is a pain for us in some way. Every person in every walk of life finds some form of pain when he is trying to improve at something or move to the next level.

Our brain, being the best at avoiding pain, gives us various reasons for not achieving our goal or even getting started at it. But we have to understand that we can overcome this trait or temporarily override it by giving ourselves instant rewards for completing a small part of the bigger goal.

Every big goal can be broken down into smaller chunks and by doing so we have reduced the magnificence of that goal. This, in itself, seems to be easier to achieve and the brain doesn’t think that it is so much painful. But, in order to make it inevitable that you set out to achieve this goal 100%, you have to give yourself a small instant reward for completing a small chunk of that goal.

The reward can be anything which you like doing in your life. But there should be a reward of some sort in order to condition your mind to work towards that reward. The entire focus while working on the small chunk is to get that reward. When there is a pleasure involved in your work your brain will naturally start seeking it and therefore will shut down all de-motivating and procrastination habits. You will be naturally driven towards your desires and you will achieve them eventually.

A Simple Technique For Creating Your Life By Design

When you start following the above illustrated method of giving yourself rewards for every small task completed you would have set stage for having an unstoppable drive towards achieving all the desires in your life. Now, the next step is to create your life by design by going into a meditative state and vividly visualizing all the details of your desire which you want to live in your future.

Meditation is a way to calm down the conscious mind and let our unconscious or higher conscious mind do its work without any interruptions. Our conscious mind is like a frog in the well. It does not know what lies beyond its walls and therefore dismisses everything that doesn’t fit in its purview of life. But our subconscious mind is like a whale in the ocean. It knows what is available and how it is connected to every part of the ocean.

Once you bring down your brainwave activity through meditation, you calm down your conscious mind’s sentry and allow new and sometimes odd thoughts and ideas without dismissing them. When you are not resisting new thoughts you can set yourself on a rather unusual path towards your dream life.

Your new thoughts and hunches may lead you sometimes in the opposite direction of what your conscious mind thinks is right. But if you follow it you will be surprised to find that you are on the right path and eventually you will achieve your dreams.

Many people who did go this route found that they either had to leave their jobs or had to shift to another place or even end an unfulfilling relationship. Although during the time it all seemed counter-intuitive but when they did achieve their dream life they could come up with explanation as to why those experiences were required.

Sometimes, even when you are on the path towards your dreams you have not experienced certain things which are there to make you stronger. Therefore, your subconscious mind or the higher super-conscious brings these experiences into your life to prepare you for the future events. The higher conscious knows what is best for you and will give you only that which you can handle. To handle more you have to prove that you are capable enough by going through the tests.

When you successfully overcome the hurdles that come your way, the higher conscious knows that you are ready now to accept the grand desire into your life and you can manage it well without getting overwhelmed. When this happens, you will be surprised that the flood gates open up and everything starts coming your way at great speed. People, events and resources start lining up for helping you achieve your desires and you will know that it is just a matter of time before your dream becomes your reality.