How to Set Goals and Achieve Them in 5 Steps

goalsGoals have been one of the main reasons as to why people succeed. Goals give them a laser-sharp focus towards achieving the desire which they want to acquire. But setting proper goals is of vital importance in order to actually achieve them.

Many people set goals with good intentions of improving various aspects of their lives. But, while the intentions are good their goal setting strategy is not so good or it might not serve them in the proper way.

Some people are naturally inclined towards achieving whatever they set their mind upon. They might be lacking in skills with others areas of life like relationships and socializing but when it comes to professional achievement or generating money through their business they always achieve whatever it is that they desire.

Most people however, find it extremely difficult to stick to the goals that they create. They find it very difficult to keep up the motivation throughout the troughs and peaks of their goal achieving journey and ultimately succumb to the temptations which come along their path. Most of them don’t even start towards their journey of goal achieving as they find it extremely daunting and scary.

If you are not in the minority who are naturally inclined towards achieving their goals then you need to make some adjustments to your goals and place some milestones and reward structure along the path to make your journey bearable and also enjoyable as you keep achieving every and every milestone and get rewarded for that.

Goal Setting Process

Step 1: Decide exactly on what it is that you wish to have and write it down

Be as specific as you can about the goal. Write out on a piece of paper the exact desire and word it in such a way that no matter who reads it understands what it is that you wish to have and by when you will come to acquire it.

Example: I desire to acquire 1 million dollars by 31st December 2016

Step 2: Contemplate on what you are going to give in return for that desire

You will be required to put in some efforts and give something in return in order for that desire to be yours. You must be willing to put in the efforts whether mental or physical for a considerable amount of time to make that desire a reality. Again, be as specific as possible regarding what it is that you are going to give in return for that goal.

Example: I desire to acquire 1 million dollars by 31st December 2016 by creating multiple web properties and working on them to make them generate at least $5000 in monthly revenue.

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Step 3: Chunk out the main goal into several mini-goals

This is a major step which most of the people miss out therefore feel overwhelmed by the magnificence of the goal which they have set. When you chunk out the goal and decide to focus just on them for a specific period it becomes manageable and before you know it you are half way through to achieving the goal. Eventually when you do achieve the main goal you will have a feeling that this success was inevitable.

I have found that if I set a goal for a year then chunking it and dividing every aspect of it on a per month basis and then on a per week basis works best and the task looks manageable and achievable.

It can also be made into a graphical representation by using smart art so that your eyes are constantly reminded of where you are on the journey and where you will be at the end.

Example: I wish to lose 25 pounds of weight by 31st December 2016 (Avoiding negative words like ‘lose’ will help you stay motivated. The above goal can be reworded as “I wish to weigh 50 pounds by the end of 31st December 2016”)

Regardless of how you word it, 25 pounds seems a very daunting figure when you have not been able to lose even a few grams and the weighing scale seems to be going up and up every day. Now since this is our yearly goal let us chunk it into monthly and then weekly goals.

Yearly Goal: 25 pounds

Monthly Goal: 25/12 = 2 pounds (approx) (seems achievable, doesn’t it?)

Weekly Goal: 2/4 = 0.5 pounds (Oh!!! I am so pumped up now)

Now, as you can see that a weekly goal is quite achievable. But, unlike business goals you cannot treat your body and start achieving your weight goals. You will have to make changes in your diet and work out at least 3 times a week, sleep well and remain active in order to increase your metabolism and shed those extra fats. But you do get the idea as to how manageable the weekly goal is when compared to the daunting yearly goal.

Also, if you are super excited about achieving this goal you can find out about the calories that you intake and the calories you burn during the workout sessions. When there is a calorie deficit you lose weight.

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Step 4: Create a reward structure for completing every phase of the goal

This is one of the important steps and is often ignored by most people. Some people can manage without rewards but most of the people need some reward on a regular basis in order to stay motivated towards achieving their main goal.

You can break down the reward structure into half yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and even daily rewards. Something which you are naturally interested in doing can be put as a reward into your reward structure and can also be a negative motivation for you to abstain from indulging in if you fail to achieve that day’s goal. (Negative motivation should be sparingly used only when it is absolutely necessary for you to achieve something)

You will find that when you keep smaller rewards for daily goals and significant rewards for quarterly and half yearly goals you will enjoy every phase of your goal achieving journey and the end result will be a natural extension of your reward structure. The idea is to complete the day’s task satisfactorily to get that reward. You need not think about the grand goal which you have set for the year.

Example: I like to play video games and am motivated enough to complete every level of the game. Therefore, I would set a reward for the day as playing a level of my favorite game for 30 minutes after completing the day’s goal.

Step 5: Document your progress, pitfalls and winning strategies to duplicate the success in other areas of your life

Some people are good at certain things in life and achieve anything and everything they set their mind to. But they lack finesse in other areas where even a slightest progress would mean a great success for them. Your documented progress will come handy in these other areas where you want to progress. As you start getting successful in other areas of your life you will have a holistic growth and create a life of your dreams.