How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Living

neerajkulkarni-procrastinatingProcrastination has been one of the greatest enemies of the human potential. Many people start putting off things which they think are not so important. But as they build this streak of putting off things till tomorrow, next week, next month, eventually they find themselves in the grips of procrastination which has got so deeply ingrained that it is wasting away their life.

There can be various types of procrastination which people have. Some are good in certain cases as they can save you from making hazardous blunders in your business and life. But most of the times the procrastination which we have is very bad for our productivity, business, relationships and life in general.

We all know that we have to take action in order to achieve anything we want in our life. Yet, we give ourselves and others one or the other reason why we cannot do the task right now. Since so many people are entangled in the grips of procrastination it is high time that we start digging deep into the mechanics of procrastination and figure out a way to stop it from taking control of our lives.

When we analyze procrastination on a deeper level we will find that it is just a symptom and not the root cause. Root cause may be totally hidden from your conscious awareness and may be showing itself in the form of procrastination. In fact, even when you do get control over your procrastination habit you will still have to face other symptoms which this root cause is creating in your life.

When you get rid of this root cause you will automatically get rid of all the symptoms which are being caused by it. The power of this root cause lies in its ability to convince you that it does not exist.

“The Greatest Trick The Devil Ever Pulled Was Convincing The World He Didn’t Exist” –  The Usual Suspects Movie

When you finally uncover its camouflage it will be completely vulnerable to your powers and you can get rid of it once and for all.

The key lies in asking the question – what is leading me to procrastinate on the task which I know I need to get done? Asking the right question is the first step in moving away from what you don’t want in life and moving towards that which you so deeply desire.

The root cause may be different for every individual but most commonly these are the fears which are hidden in the subconscious mind and are showing up as procrastination in their daily lives. There can be many types of fears and there may be layers upon layers of them each entwined with one another putting up a clean show to our conscious awareness.

There can also be conflicting beliefs and thoughts which come up to the surface of the conscious mind and halt your progress towards your desires. But deep within are these fears which are generating these conflicts. When you are clear of fears in that area of your life you will find it surprising that you are naturally successful in whatever you do.

You will experience streaks of luck in every task you undertake. You find yourself saying and doing the right things and being in the right place at the right time. The inner guidance or the GPS(Reticular Activating System) has activated and adjusted itself now towards reaching the destination that you have set your mind to.

Cunning Ways of Mind To Justify Procrastination

When a person is asked as to why he is procrastinating he comes up with the usual answers as there is not enough time or resources available. He may also come up with other convincing explanations for his habit of procrastination. But these are just conscious mind’s justifications to the problem which is evident but its solution is not visible.

Now the question arises – how do we ever get to this level of subconscious mind and shed light into its darkness and save ourselves from the labyrinth which has been created by these root causes.

Some people come to a sudden realization when they are almost on the verge of dying and then they change for the better. There have been many instances where obese people faced life threatening diseases. They had no choice but to take action and become healthy and lead a healthy life thereafter. We need not push ourselves up to that level though. We have the choice to change now by taking a surgical approach to our weaknesses and getting rid of them just like a surgeon would take out the cancerous growth from your body.

I have found that deep meditation has always helped me in uncovering such root causes which were stopping me from taking action towards what I desired. Even after coming to the realization of their presence the process of elimination is not automatic. You have to consciously and deliberately take steps to change the neural patterns which have been deeply ingrained in your brain over the years when you were unaware of these bugs entering your mind.

There have been many studies done on bypassing the conscious mind and accessing the subconscious mind. This is called brainwave-entrainment where you make use of scientifically developed tools and techniques to make desired changes in your brain and thus your life.

Up till previous decade it was believed that the brain was hard-wired with the beliefs and habits which it ingrained during the childhood. Very recently studies have shown that brain is actually malleable like plastic. The brain can be shaped in accordance with our desires. This gave birth to a new phenomenon called brain plasticity.

When some technology can successfully access the subconscious mind and make changes there the genius part of your being starts taking steps in changing your circumstances in life. You will realize that the things which you were most fearful of and led you to procrastinate have now become things of the past.

You also need to understand that you have to develop your discipline muscle to such a degree where you can be totally confident of yourselves about completing any task which you have set your mind to. Until then it is a battle between your lazy-comfort-seeking self and perpetual-growth-seeking self.

Neural pathway or patterns are created by consistently and repeatedly doing something over the days, months and years. Thus a habit is crated. The habit can be good or bad but if it is reinforced over and over then it becomes difficult to go any other route when a particular circumstance presents itself to you.

Many people find changing habits so difficult because they consistently have to be on vigil of their habits and consciously choose an alternative route every time the trigger for habit is activated. Since our brain is one of the most efficient and energy conserving machines in the world it tries to automate most of the things in our day to day life. It does not tax us by bringing everything into our conscious awareness. Most things happen automatically without our awareness.

Although, we find that this can be a very good thing, our brain does not understand what is good and what is bad for you. It just automates everything which you keep doing on a daily basis. Moreover, if you add emotion to some task it takes it more seriously and brings forth its genius mechanisms to automate that stuff earlier than other tasks.

The brain constantly drives to move away from pain and seek pleasure. Therefore, when you want to achieve something there usually is discipline involved in it. Discipline is conceived as pain by the brain as it has been conditioned over the years. Hence, it tries to move away from the pain of discipline and seek instant gratification.

But, over the years you will realize that there is either pain of discipline or pain of regret. The pain of discipline dissipates within some time and gives way to high self-worth, confidence and a feeling of pride and gratitude for taking the action and delaying gratification. However, if you choose the latter, you will suffer the pain of regret forever in your life. The choice is yours.