How To Achieve Anything You Desire

desiresEveryone wants to achieve whatever he/she desires and yet so very few actually realize their dreams and live the life that they truly want. In fact, the statistics show that only a small fraction of the total population actually achieve what they want and consider themselves successful in their areas of expertise. Rest of the people are either miserably failing in anything and everything they try or are just living a fraction of their true potential.

Various studies have been made over the years as to what is the reason behind some people’s phenomenal success and other people being of equal or more intelligence level achieving far less than the prior. Most of the experts conclude that it has something to do with the mindset of the person who is attempting to have excellence in any field rather than the external factors.

Some people are slightly on a higher level than the rest of the population where they buy and study self-help books and materials and attend various seminars which teach them how to be successful. But, this too has not proven to help the lot. Although, the person who is mentoring these people genuinely wants them to use the knowledge and succeed in their endeavors, yet, there the success rate is less than 1%

This brings us to the main reason as to why so few succeed in spite of there being such a wealth of knowledge and wisdom at anybody’s finger tips. The failure rate shows that people who do take these courses are only curing the symptoms of a deeper rooted problem. If that problem was not there they would have succeeded regardless of whether they had learned the self-help material or not.

Andy Shaw, one of the uniquely gifted researchers in the field of success and mindset, says that there are many bugs in the mind of an individual which enter right from the birth. If these bugs are not identified and removed they continue to remain there and run the life of the person on auto-pilot. It is like running new and clean software on a virus-ridden operating system.

No matter how many good things you learn you will fail unless you first take care of the operating system where these new programs (self-help material) are being installed. Once the mind is free from the bugs the new knowledge and wisdom will all start making sense and you will take inspired action towards applying it and gaining immensely from it.

Andy also shares one of his unique methods of manifesting something into your physical reality by applying the law of attraction and least effort. But, even for the law of attraction to work, your mind has first to be gotten rid of all the bugs which have their roots deeply ingrained right from the birth.

Click here to visit Andy’s site for a free course on getting rid of bugs in your mind.

I have found that deep meditation for a while every day has been very beneficial in identifying the bugs in my mind. Bugs can be in the form of fears or limiting beliefs or the ego’s way of keeping me away from something which will benefit me but will hurt my ego. If I find out that what I believed to be true for many years turns out to be just my imagination it is a major blow to my ego which is not good. Therefore, my ego tries to filter out all those things which are potential threat to the ego. But while my egoistic self remains intact, my true self doesn’t grow and feels like I am not achieving anything significant.

There are various ways in which you can achieve anything you desire. Some methods may seem to be very mystical and some are quite practical and applicable. But the main point is not about the validity or feasibility of the method. It is rather your mind’s capability to remain free from the bugs which enter your mind through various means.

In today’s world we are bombarded with so many negative things that it is overwhelming to the mind to remain calm and composed during stressful events. The media always focuses on the negative stuff and anything positive is sidelined as not news. This leads most of the people to remain in a constant mode of fight or flight response to anything that goes on in the world.

When the mind is stressed out it is difficult to take proper decisions and figure out whether what we are doing is actually doing us any good or is just putting us on a continuous loop of trigger-response-reward. We can use this for our own good by creating alternative and good responses for the trigger but even to do that it is of vital importance to first keep a constant vigil on our mind.

Now the question arises as to how to keep observant of our minds so that only the good enters our mind and nurtures us and reject all that is negative and not serving to us in some way. It would be a very difficult task to always remain alert and check all information against a list of have-tos and have-nots. Moreover, the conscious mind can hardly process a fraction of the information which enters our minds every second. The subconscious mind however is capable of accessing all the information and processing it for our benefit.

The main task on our part now is to facilitate our subconscious mind to process the information which is beneficial for us and propel us towards our conscious desires. In order to do this we first have to remove the filters which have been placed since our birth and to condition our subconscious mind to accept our suggestions and act upon them in our best interest.

Yogis and monks are capable of accessing wealth of information from their subconscious mind by being in a constant state of meditation. This kind of state is not possible for everyday life and is also very difficult to achieve by a common man. But, even if we can develop 1% of their capability we can experience much of what life has to offer and live a happy and fulfilled life.

Here’s a simple process through which anyone can achieve what they truly desire

  • Step 1: Create the Desire of what it is that you wish to manifest
  • Step 2: Have it in your imagination as if it is already there with you
  • Step 3: Feel as if it is already yours
  • Step 4: Let go of the attachment to the outcome
  • Step 5: Take inspired action towards bringing it in yours and others reality